College Graduate Class of 2019

Automation and outsourcing have stripped many of the rote tasks from entry-level positions, so companies are reimagining the jobs they’re offering to the Class of 2019. You and your classmates will likely be expected to operate on a more sophisticated level than graduates of past decades.

Technical skills turn over fast, so employers are looking for fast learners who can quickly evolve and have exceptional soft skills—the ability to write, listen and communicate effectively.

Your future employer may expect you to make sales calls on day one. You might be asked to prepare a client presentation your first week. In short order, you could be handed the job of managing a project.

“The hard skills are changing. Just because we do a role one way today doesn’t mean we were doing it that way three years ago,” says Kelli Jordan.

Today, software has taken over many tedious processes, making starter jobs more demanding. “Everything has an external-facing component,” from entry-level marketing roles to product management.

For more information check out here.

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