How to Analyze Your Core Competencies

What are competencies?

They are the characteristics affecting performance and are broader than the well-known KSA’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities).


  • Are you a team leader who listens to team members ideas, resolves problems quickly, strives to meet timelines, creates effective plans for training and execution, gains cooperation and consensus during a project?
  • Are you an IT specialist who, in addition to performing all the technical elements of the job, talks to customers about their IT problems, requests, and needs? Are you creative in coming up with solutions to problems?
  • Are you an administrative professional who is customer-focused, follows up on inquiries, responds efficiently and effectively, and cares about the dilemmas that customers face?

Which agencies use core competencies? 

The Veterans Administration, Office of Personnel Management, U.S. Marine Corps, Defense Finance & Accounting Service, and many other federal agencies are looking for qualified and skilled applicants, who are also skilled in certain core competencies.

How do I use core competencies for applying for job?

These characteristics go above and beyond skills. You can stand out in a government resume, question/essay narrative, or behavior-based interview by highlighting these competencies. Study this step and determine the top 5 or 10 competencies that make you a stand-out employee in your field of work. Add these competencies to your resume in the work experience descriptions for a stronger federal resume.

Check out Resume Place for Federal Resume samples.

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