After the Job Fair

Follow up-Make yourself memorable. Think of the job fair as your first contact with employers, not your last. Successful job hunters do half their work after the fair.

Thank the recruiter you met. Most job hunters don’t write thank you notes, so make sure you do. A thank you note shows the recruiter that you are one of the few who made a special effort. Send a hand-written note and mail through the Post Office. It’s more personal and memorable than an email. In the note, refresh the recruiter’s memory by mentioning something specific you discussed at the fair. Thank each recruiter for their time, repeat your qualifications, restate your wish for an interview and attach another copy of your resume.

Write everyone else. Send an email and resume to the recruiters who you took business cards from that you didn’t get a chance to talk to. Also, send an email to all job hunters your met at the fair. Ask if they know someone who’s hiring people with your skills. Offer to help them when you hear something. Keep in mind that 80% of all job openings are not advertised since most people get jobs because a friend recommended them.

Keep your applications in motion. Follow the recruiters’ instructions for setting up interviews. If a recruiter told you to go online and fill out a job application, do it. When you apply, write that your met their recruiter (Jane Jobfinder) at the job fair (in San Antonio, TX, on April 11, 2018). Then emial the recruiter to tell him/her you applied online as requested.

Persistence pays. Remember all those business cards you collected? Here’s how to put them to work. Every week or so, email the recruiter a short note and another copy of your resume. Let them know that you are still interested in working for them.

Keep in mind that jobs open up all the time. Some people decline job offers. Other people don’t work out, management will replace them, and people get promoted, retire, or quit their jobs. So stay in touch and become the first person they think about when a position opens up.


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