At The Job Fair

  1. Develop Your Game Plan. Arrive early, get a list of the employers and map your plan of attack. Some experts recommend visiting your top choices first before recruiters get tired and the lines get too long. Ultimately, do what works best for you.
    • Later that day be sure to return to your top choices to thank the recruiters, restate your interest, and make yourself memorable.
  2. Give Yourself a Pep Talk. This is very important: Job recruiters want you. If they didn’t need employees, they wouldn’t be at the job fair. So don’t be shy about introducing yourself to the recruiters.
  3. Start Talking, Start Wowing. You’ll have a few minutes to wow each recruiter, especially if there’s a long line. So, make the conversation interesting, short, and memorable.
    • Offer your handshake, give your short “sales pitch,” answer the recruiter’s questions, and ask a few questions to keep the conversation rolling.
  4. End With a Request. Say that you are interested in the position, give the recuiter your resume, ask for the recuiter’s business card, ask, “how should I follow up with you and when?” Take notes on what recruiter says. Don’t rely on memory.
  5. Make a Good Impression.
    • Do:
      • Shake the recruiter’s hand, look him or her in the eye, and smile.
      • Be professional, enthusiastic, and courteous.
      • Let your personality shine through.
      • Think of your conversation as a mini interview because that’s what it is.
    • Don’t:
      • Be shy or stiff.
      • Ramble, fidget, or slouch.
      • Say anything negative about yourself, your former company, boss, or coworkers or anyone for that matter.
      • Answer a phone call, text, chew gum, eat, or sip a beverage at the recruiting booths.
  6. Network With Everyone. Talk to other job hunters while waiting in line, walking around, or while on a coffee break. Ask a question to break the ice and get a conversation started. Share information.
    • Trade resumes and stay in touch. Build a network of contracts who will let you know when they spot an opportunity that looks perfect for you and do the same for them.

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