Before the Job Fair

Looking for a job can be stressfull. Here are the steps one should take before a job fair.

  1. Register for the Job/Career Fair. Register online so that you won’t have to fill out paperwork when you arrive at the fair. Recruiters will also be curious about who is attending the job fair since many check the registration files and read resumes.
  2. Research the Employers. Most online job fair registrations provide a list of employers who will be at the job fair. Decide which employers interest you, visit their websites, find out who they are, what they do, and why you might want to work there. With this knowledge you’ll be able to talk intelligently with recruiters at the job fair and impress them.
  3. Update and Polish your Resume. Create a seperate resume for each job you want. Bring several copies of each resume to the job fair.  For example, if you want a chef’s job, create a chef’s resume. If you would also accept a cook’s job, create a cook’s resume too.
  4. Create a “Career Portfolio.” In addition to your resume, be sure to have the following items:
    • Samples of your best work: reports, research, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
    • A summary of your accomplishments
    • A list of awards, honors, or testimonials
    • A list of related classes, training, and workshops you’ve attended
    • Photocopies of licences, certifications, or other professional credentials
  5. Dress for Success. First impressions are important. Dress conservatively, just like you would wear if you would already have the job.
    • Managers should wear business suits, Office and retail workers should wear dress clothes, Trades personnel should wear work clothes
  6. Practice your Handshake. Engage the full hand, palm to palm and grip firmly. Look the other person in the eye and smile.
  7. Prepare and Practice your “Sales Pitch.” A sales pitch is a short speech that sells you to the recruiter. Keep your sales pitch to about 15 seconds in length. Here’s a 4-step plan:
    • Give your name
    • Mention your profession, occupation, or the job you’re looking for.
    • State your experience, skills, and accomplishments. Explain how they benefitted a previous employer and how they’ll benefit the employer at the fair.
    • Offer your “Unique Selling Point” (UPS): what sets you apart from the competiton, what makes you special?
  8. Questions to Expect from Recruiters with Simple Answers. Here are just a few questions the recruiter may ask you.
    • “Can you tell me a little about yourself?” Anwesr by reciting your sales pitch.
    • “Tell me about your skills.” Answer with the top 4 or 5 key skills and provide a short example of how you used each skill.
    • “Why did you decide to become a (puzzle maker)?” Tell a short story for choosing your line of work which includes detail and use body language to bring your story to life.
    • “What motivates you to do a good job?” Answer “Having responsibilities and getting a pat on the back when the job is done right.
  9. Questions to Ask the Recruiter. You don’t need to ask every question but here are a few questions to ask.
    • “What qualificaions will make a candidate stand out?”
    • “Can you please describe a typical day someone working as a (writer) at your company?”
    • What are the biggest challenges of this position?”
  10. Questions NOT to Ask at the Job Fair.
    • “What’s the pay range for this position? Save this question for follow-up interviews.
    • “What about benefits and vacation time?” These items are usually explained when the hiring manager offers you the job.
    • “Can your tell me about your company?” This question shows that you haven’t done your homework.




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