MAJOR POST 9/11 GI Bill Changes

A revision to Post 9/11 GI Bill DOD Instruction (DODI) 1341.13 may be signed as early as July 19, 2018. There are two major changes that will impact service members.

  1. Effective immediately, service members who have 10 years of service, but is unable to obligate 4 years due to statute or standard policy (service or DODI), to only serve the amount of time authorized by that statute or policy, will be cancelled. All members who wish to transfer education benefits must have the ability to obligate 4 years of service in order to be approved. This will impact service members who are within 4 years of high-year tenure and Officers who are 2 X FOS.

For Selected Reservists, this impacts senior officers and the APPLY process. As their billets are not 4 years in length, they will be precluded from transferring education benefits once this goes into effect, as they cannot obligate 4 years in the selected reserves.

Senior enlisted members selected for non-continuation by Senior Enlisted Continuation Board who don’t transfer their benefits before the DODI release, will no longer be eligible to do so.

2. Effective 1 year from release, transferability will only be available for service members with at least 6 years of service and up to 16 years. Those that have greater than 16 years of service will be ineligible. There will be an exception for those who cross the 16-year threshold while in a medical status that precluded reenlistment/extension, details to follow in a seperate correspondence.


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