Is There a Formula for Passing an Interview?

Interview Formula

The formula itself is a simple one, and is broken down into three different sections:
• Interview technique
• Research
• Responding to the interview questions

Interview Techniques: Focus on the following key areas:

  • Creating a positive first impression
  • Presentation
  • Effective communication
  • Body language and posture
  • Final questions
  • Creating a positive final impression

Research: Visit the company or organization you are applying to join. This serves a number of purposes but the most important are demonstrating commitment and dedication to the potential employer but also assisting you in your preparation for the interview.

The following areas should be a priority of a research plan:

  • Do they offer any development programs for their employees, e.g. Investors in People?
  • When were they established? • Is it a large company and do they have overseas interests?
  • Who are their customers and who are their major competitors?
  • Where are they located, who is their Chief Executive and who are the shareholders?
  • What are their short, medium and long term goals?
  • What are their values and policies? • What are their products?
  • Do they have a mission statement or vision?

Responding to the Interview Questions: There are two types of inteview questions motivational and situational.

Motivational Question types:

  • Tell us a about yourself.
  • What skills do you have that would be of benefit in this role?
  • What have you done to find out about this company and the role that you are applying for?

Situational Question types:

  • Give an example of where you have worked as part of a team to achieve a difficult goal or task.
  • Give an example of where you have provided excellent customer service.
  • Give an example of where you have dealt with a difficult or aggressive customer.

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